We Speak Nerd (So You Don’t Have To)

Have you ever wished your technology would just work, so you could focus on your business? With TrueManage, we take care of your computers, printers, servers, network, smart phones, tablets: whatever you have.

24/7 Tech Support

Unlimited access to your tech support team via desktop chat, phone or email. Tech worries don’t happen on a schedule. Whether it’s Thanksgiving day or the middle of the night before your big presentation, we’re always ready to help.

Tech support is always just a click away. No waiting on hold or wondering when a support person will show. No worries, period. Click on the desktop icon and we’re there.

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Performance Optimization and Maintenance

Keeping your systems up-to-date and properly maintained is critical for system security and peak performance. Our team of tech experts make sure your PCs, laptops, network and servers are optimized and updated regularly. This increases the life of your technology investment and makes everything run faster.

We also work with your ISP and third-party vendors to manage software license information, hardware warranties and Service Level Agreements.

24/7 Server and Network Monitoring

We know your business depends on your network and servers. If these systems go down, your operation is down. We use specialized monitoring applications to notify us of even the smallest hiccup. Then, we jump on the problem and get it resolved quickly so your business can operate normally.

Our team will often resolve overnight issues before your employees return to work the next day. This prevents a loss of productivity due to something breaking at night and not being discovered until the next morning.

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Tech Guidance and Advice

Unlike old-style tech support, we’re not just here to fix what’s broken. We’ll ease you through any tough spot, and teach you how to get the most out of your tech-ware.

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Predictable Monthly Cost

For one affordable monthly fee, you get to pick the brains of some of the sharpest tech minds you’ll ever meet, whenever you need it. You’re never on the clock with TrueManage. No need to hurry through your questions or worry about running up a big bill. We’ve got you covered.

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Free Anti-virus and Online Backup

We want to make sure your business has the basic tech survival gear. We provide best-of-breed, commercial Anti-Virus for all your devices and Online Backup of your critical data. All, free of charge.


Windows, Mac, Linux, Smart Phones, Tablets

Let's face it, there are a lot of technology options for businesses today. We don't limit you to just Microsoft products. Our team can support whatever you have - including specialized and in-house developed software.