See Clearly Through the Cloud

Building a strong cloud strategy is important for big and small companies alike. Not all cloud solutions are created equal. We help you understand your options and maximize the benefits.

Ready for the Cloud?

The value of cloud computing varies from company to company – and success in the cloud depends on many factors. Wellshade can ensure that a move to the cloud is the right move for you – and is successful once you get there. Our technical consultants evaluate your current environment and assess technical and business factors, such as your business model, end-user requirements and compliance management considerations.

What Does Your Cloud Look Like?

Wellshade helps you navigate the “cloud” landscape to determine what type of cloud you need: public, private, or hybrid. Our consultants can help you develop a strategy for implementing your own applications in the cloud or for employing “off-the-shelf” cloud-based solutions, including: email threat management, managed services, cloud-based Microsoft products, phone solutions or colocation and data center services.

Avoid the Hype

Cloud computing is a new way to do business, and Wellshade has the experience and knowledge to help you determine if – and when – a move to the cloud is right for you. The cloud is no all-powerful solution that will magically solve all of your technology challenges. We can help you determine what benefits the cloud has to offer you – and what pitfalls you want to avoid.

Need help moving your business to the cloud?