A Passion For Technology

Remember, when you were growing up, there was that kid whose life seemed to revolve around technology: President of the AV Club, really good at math, always kept some overpowered gadget handy? Well…we are that kid (we’ve just grown up and learned how to talk to girls).

Sometimes, Small is Good

We don’t have the bureaucracy or overhead of our big-business competitors. This means we can be nimble, flexible and focused on the quality of our work. We don’t have to form a committee in order to analyze our options and we don’t have ten layers of managers to approve every decision. We are a small, close-knit group of consultants ready to give your project or solution the attention it deserves.

Industry Certifications

Our consultants work hard to obtain and maintain certifications from some of the leading software and hardware manufacturers such as Microsoft, RedHat, VMWare and Citrix. We don’t think industry certifications make you an expert; but they’re a good start. Technical certifications, advanced training and years of hands-on experience are what make our team different from our competitors.

Here To Help

Are you a small business that just needs occasional help? We’d love to be your go-to tech support! Are you a big business with a complex project to complete? We understand enterprise technologies and would love to contribute! We aren’t “all things to all people”, but we do offer a wide range of IT services to many different types of businesses.

Have a specific technology need?