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Wavoka Incorporated is one of the premier sales consulting organizations in the Raleigh area. When their CEO had the idea of building a software tool to give sales organizations better insight into their sales pipeline, he asked Wellshade for help. We used some of the latest technologies and techniques to develop a product that has no peer in the sales pipeline arena. We worked hand-in-hand with Wavoka's management to design and refine the product until we knew we had something special.

The Problem

Wavoka was looking for a web-based tool that would help their customers manage their sales pipeline. While sales force automation is not revolutionary in and of itself, most available automation tools focus on relationship management elements and not on accurate, fact-based forecasting, one of the most vital functions of sales management. Armed with such a tool, Wavoka would be an indisputable leader in the sales consulting field. Years ago, Fritz Gartner, founder and principal of Wavoka, began to crystallize his vision for the ideal sales management tool. Sales managers that have an easy way to determine important pipeline information would benefit in several ways. They would be able to establish a common understanding of the value of opportunities, align behavior of their sales organization with corporate strategy, establish accountability for results, and better focus their organization on the highest priority opportunities, allocating resources based on facts. The entire sales organization would also benefit from such an application because automated reporting would allow them to spend their time selling rather than preparing reports. Planning and forecasting would be greatly simplified, and communications with finance team members would be better facilitated. It would be much easier to provide status updates for clients. Finally, continuity would be easier to maintain during personnel changes.

The Solution

After a few weeks of discussing the planned product with Wellshade, Gartner decided to move forward with the project. During initial project meetings, Wavoka managers came to realize the extent of Wellshade’s capabilities, and much of the functionality that had been relegated to the “wish list” was included in the scope of work. In describing Wellshade engineers, Garnter noted that “Overall knowledge is very high. The individuals there are top rate.” What began as a simple web-based application became a Flex-based solution that would provide offline capabilities, advanced GUI manipulation, units of measure and currency conversions on the fly, and comprehensive reporting. The new application was named SalesWIP. Ultimately, Wellshade’s expert design, coupled with their strong customer service values, led to a successful solution that fundamentally improved Wavoka’s ability to perform their core business functions and serve their customers. Gartner noted that all of Wellshade’s staff provided “good flexibility, open communication, decision making based on clearly defined options” and most importantly that the “trust factor was and continues to be high.”

Overall knowledge is high, and more importantly the specific knowledge level is high. The individuals there are top rate...good flexibility, open communication, decision making based on clearly defined options.

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