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National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee

The NJATC is the training arm of the electrical unions. Their IT department was so occupied with day-to-day management and maintenance of their servers and network that important projects were being neglected. Wellshade was honored to take over the management of the NJATC's critical IT assets. Our team moved quickly to address short-term concerns while building toward the client's long-term goals.

The Problem

Like IT departments in many organizations, the NJATC’s technical personnel were bogged down addressing day-to-day maintenance and support issues. This fire fighting made it impossible for them to concentrate on important projects that could help them achieve their business goals and provide services to their customers, the students and teachers in NJATC’s training programs. Key technologies such as Microsoft Exchange® servers were being neglected due to a lack of time and resources. “We knew our more complex technologies were suffering the most,” said Stephen Boyd, IT Analyst, “but there was nothing we could do.” NJATC’s management regularly pulled IT resources to work hodgepodge on critical projects, so support and maintenance was suffering. Support efforts were not being documented because of the sheer number of issues. “You would sit down to document a problem and, while you were doing it, fourteen more would pop up” said Boyd. Unfortunately, the lack of documentation meant that they were unable to learn from their experiences and that knowledge was not shared across their enterprise. To add to the NJATC’s dilemma, much of the support was being provided by non-support personnel who were there to work on projects, not on maintenance and support. “I’m a developer” said Stephen Boyd “not a support wizard. I just wanted to get back to doing the work I was hired for.”

The Solution

Wellshade was able to step in and immediately make a difference in the NJATC’s environment. Our team of experienced, certified support engineers immediately gained control of critical assets and began addressing the most immediate maintenance needs. Documenting every step via our advanced support ticketing system, our staff worked as a unified team. NJATC IT staff and management were able to follow our progress via our support portal and through regular reports and meetings. “It was an incredible process to watch” said Boyd. “Wellshade took the time to understand our needs, then moved quickly to address our concerns.” Our TrueManage service is customized to each client’s specific needs. For the NJATC, our service includes critical areas such as security, day-to-day maintenance, routine administrative tasks, and 24/7 support of every server and network device. We even took over the administrative burden on lower priority support functions like warranty management for all of NJATC’s IT assets. “I simply don’t know what we’d do without Wellshade. Without the burden of the daily management of our IT assets, we are free to focus on projects that increase our organization’s bottom line” said Boyd.

Wellshade took the time to understand our needs, then moved quickly to address our concerns.

Stephen Boyd // NJATC

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