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Dow Reichhold

Dow Reichhold was being dropped by one of the "big six" IT consulting firms and needed a new provider to take over the management of their entire IT environment. Their CFO contacted Wellshade. Wellshade moved Dow Reichhold's IT assets to our datacenter in Raleigh, NC and took over the daily support of their users and technology.

The Problem

In 2002, Dow Chemical and Reichhold Chemical, Inc. embarked on a joint venture called Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex, LLC. The venture was housed at Reichhold's global headquarters in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex employed 53 people in the Research Triangle and 150 more worldwide, and they managed their IT resources through the same large company that served one of their parent companies. However, Dow and Reichhold decided in 2008 to discontinue the venture and designated Bob Povlock, Dow Reichhold's CFO, as liquidator of the venture's assets. With the company's days numbered, the big IT company lost interest in continuing services, and Povlock went looking for a new IT provider. He found Wellshade. "Wellshade was actually recommended by our old provider."

The Solution

Wellshade took over Dow Reichhold's IT services and began to manage their entire, complex technology environment. Dow Reichhold's extensive list of IT assets (including SAP running on a Sun server farm) had to be carefully transitioned from their old service provider to Wellshade's datacenter in Raleigh, NC. “We had our own servers, so I guess what needed to take place was the service needed to be brought over to a secure site, which Wellshade had, so there was a timetable for when things needed to be installed...but all of it was done in a flawless fashion.” And Povlock couldn't be happier with the customer service he's received. “I have nothing but positives,” says Povlock. “The big thing has really been [Wellshade's] responsiveness.” Larger IT companies weren't interested in giving good service to a close-ended project like Dow Reichhold's. But at Wellshade, each client gets the same excellent service from our team of highly-trained customer service engineers. “Changing an IT consulting relationship to a new provider requires excellent project scoping, a detailed transition plan, and exceptional personal service from day one. The Wellshade team provided that and more! They were careful to understand Dow Reichhold's needs and expectations and then committed to delivering unmatched service. We were delighted with the business results and cost savings” stated Annetta Johnson, Dow Reichhold's HR Director.

Wellshade was actually recommended by our old provider. They were careful to understand Dow Reichhold's needs and expectations and then committed to delivering unmatched service.

Bob Povlock // Dow Reichhold

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