Accuro Healthcare

Moving To The Cloud

Accuro Healthcare Solutions provides business intelligence and revenue cycle management software to hospitals and healthcare providers. Accuro understood the value in migrating their software to a cloud platform but had no expertise in this arena. So they called us.

“At every turn, Wellshade has gone ‘above and beyond’ to provide us with innovative solutions to our business problems.”

We evaluated Accuro’s requirements and designed a Private Cloud solution that provided the flexibility they wanted and the security their industry demanded.

“Their management of our enterprise-class web application freed us to focus on improving our product and driving sales.”


The Problem

Accuro had an enterprise-class client-server application and wanted to provide access to it via the Cloud but lacked the knowledge or expertise to develop a solution. Accuro is well known in the healthcare industry as being a leader in technology and wanted to translate this reputation to this new web-based platform while maintaining security standards, such as HIPAA compliance. Any solution they adopted needed to be infinitely scalable, but also adaptable to their specific application’s needs.

The application also needed to run on a separate infrastructure for each customer and provide the type of reliability that hospitals demand. It needed to live in an enterprise-class hosting facility that offered advanced fail-safes – redundant power, proper cooling, layered security, fire suppression, and redundant network connectivity.

They wanted their application to perform consistently and reliably in a secure, managed environment. On top of that, they needed to be able to regulate and track their costs for this service in a predictable way. Accuro turned to Wellshade for technical assistance to help them understand the best infrastructure for their application’s design.


Our Solution

Wellshade provided a Private Cloud environment that included all of the required redundancy and scalability plus the segregation of a dedicated solution. This solution comprised a Private Cloud for each of Accuro’s customers that included dedicated virtual resources on shared hardware, thereby keeping costs down and still providing unprecedented security, redundancy and scalability.

Each Private Cloud was built to the customer’s order, specific to their needs from the point of view of both hardware configuration and software features. The fact that Wellshade could typically provision a new cloud in less than 24 hours allowed Accuro to provide scalable service to their customers. These Private Clouds were also completely managed by Wellshade so all maintenance, administration and support was included. Our team, on more than one occasion, even helped the customer with issues related to their custom developed software; exceeding expectations to assist our client in meeting their customer support requirements.

Wellshade evaluated Accuro’s need and designed a custom, hosted solution around it; consulting with the client and understanding ever nuance of their goal. It was this understanding that enabled us to meet Accuro’s expectations and provide a solution that elevated the service they offered to their clients. Wellshade has been hosting Accuro’s servers for over four years now and we continually strive to provide better service.

“We really appreciate the exceptional support Wellshade has provided us over the years. Their management of our enterprise-class web application freed us to focus on improving our product and driving sales. At every turn, Wellshade has gone ‘above and beyond’ to provide us with innovative solutions to our business problems. I would highly recommend their services.” – Scott Moore, Director of Operations, Accuro Healthcare Solutions.


Client Profile

Accuro Healthcare Solutions Inc. provides hospitals and ancillary healthcare providers with technology-enabled services that optimize revenue and improve financial, clinical and logistical operational efficiencies, resulting in streamlined processes, increased patient satisfaction and optimal operating margins.

Accuro Healthcare Solutions was formed in 2004 to develop a comprehensive solution to the reimbursement pressures affecting the healthcare provider marketplace. They combine experienced people and pioneering technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare transactions along the continuum of care.