National Training Institute

Get Your Head in the Cloud

This year, at the NJATC’s National Training Institute, I will be giving a presentation about Cloud Computing. This web page is dedicated to providing more information about me and my presentation.

About Me

I’ve been a nerd my whole life. I love technology; I always have. From my early days programming my Dad’s RadioShack TRS-80 to today, saving the universe with my kids via the online game du jour.

I started working in the IT industry right out of High School and continued working technology jobs all throughout my college years. When I began my “career” as an IT consultant for a big, national firm, I remember thinking, “surely they aren’t going to continue paying me for having this much fun.”

They did.

Years later, having worked on many different fun and interesting projects, I decided to start my own company. I called it Wellshade, a family name from my ancestor’s roots back in Wales. Fast-forward 15 years and Wellshade has grown into a multi million-dollar enterprise with hundreds of happy clients.

I have been unusually fortunate.

Wellshade began offering hosted solutions in 2004 and this tiny segment of our business grew like wildfire. As our hosting infrastructure evolved into a cloud platform, the technology industry was just discovering the benefits of the cloud. We were one of the first companies to offer secure, business-class cloud solutions to large and small organizations. Today, we continue to expand our cloud offerings and explore the benefits of new cloud technologies.

To find out more about our cloud capabilities, visit our Cloud page.


My Presentation

Some clouds are deadly.Ok, that may be a bit melodramatic but Cloud Computing does have its pitfalls. My NTI presentation is about helping you understand the benefits of getting your head in the Cloud.


I will begin my presentation by giving you a solid definition of “the cloud” – with an example to illustrate. There is so much marketing hype surrounding Cloud Computing that it’s often difficult to differentiate the “cloud” technology from a specific vendor’s version of the cloud. I’ll cut through the marketing hype and help you understand the true cloud.

I also want to explore the different types of clouds, specifically Public, Private and Hybrid, and the advantages / disadvantages associated with each. I will provide real-world scenarios to help you understand how each type of cloud might pertain to your situation. I will also present a few case studies to illustrate how Wellshade has implemented different clouds in the past.

Once you have an understanding of the different types of clouds, I want to describe the things you can do to prepare for cloud solutions. As powerful as the cloud is, it can also be a huge burden if your technology infrastructure isn’t properly prepared for it.

Lastly, I will open the floor to an informal discussion and Q&A. You might have technical or business-related questions specific to your situation that we can address together. Chances are, others in the room will have the same question. So, I’d like to spend the closing moments of the presentation helping you explore how the cloud can address your specific needs.