Free Assessment

A Thorough Examination

Our Free Assessment provides more than just a cursory view into your technology environment.

Our focus is on understanding how your IT investment is being preserved, how your information is being guarded and how well your technology is contributing to your business.

Assessment Process

From documenting what you have to evaluating your security posture, our assessment is packed with important business information.

Through our formal assessment process, we combine the results of an automated discovery tool with the input from our consulting team to provide the following results:

  • Inventory and catalog hardware with an emphasis on operational concerns and environmental considerations.
  • Examine key applications for possible issues, required updates and recommended optimization.
  • Identify and prioritize key technology systems and the mechanisms in-place to protect them against unauthorized access, data corruption and/or data loss.
  • Pinpoint any exposure or risk due to potential issues with security, data protection, power outages and system downtime.
  • Evaluate overall disaster recovery and security posture and compare them to established industry best practices.
  • Examine current support mechanisms with an emphasis on proactive maintenance and reactive procedures.
  • Assess how technology initiatives have contributed to progress toward business goals.


Our findings and recommendations are assembled into a nice, well-organized report.

Once we have collected all of the data we require, we compile this information into a detailed report which is presented to you by one of our senior engineers. This highly experienced professional will answer any questions and address any concerns you have.


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